Sound Off: FINOs…

There’s something that’s reeeeally beginning to annoy me a bit about Facebook (and maybe life in general).

You know those people who request to add you as one of their friends, and then proceed to never talk to you, or leave a message on your wall? Nothing?

They’re in this new special category I’ve created, which I call Friends in Name Only, or FiNOs. (Or, in the case of Facebook, they’d be called FFiNOs.)

WHY do they DO that? I know it’s tempting finding all these people and adding them to your lucrative list. But it’s not a contest. And believe me, I actually understand that you can’t talk to everyone all the time.

But once in a while, holla at a sista, yo?

I’m sure you could apply this concept outside Facebook as well. I’m sure there are tonnes of people who are like that. They say they’re your friends, but then don’t do anything, or are never around.

And I don’t mean periods of time where they’re around you lots, or here and there, and then disappear because of work, life, or whatever (because I’m sure I’m an extremely guilty party in that respect).

I mean, they’re NEVER. AROUND. You “befriended” them in 1999 and, even though you might exchange a “hi!” in passing them that one time every three years or so, you now only hear about their lives through other people, who basically tell you stuff as if you still do talk to them regularly (even though the truth’s to the contrary). That’s the only reason you know they’re even still alive.

I think I may have one of those circulating right now. And maybe they have their reason for doing so. Maybe they ARE just busy. Or it’s part of the psychological game they like to play with certain people in their lives.

But if this is true, I’d rather that they didn’t add me (or have me) as a friend in the first place.


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