Learning The Art of Staycation

About this time last year, I was on vacation – hanging out at a hotel, near a mountain gorge, somewhere in the middle of Morocco.

Today, I also happen to be on vacation. Wanna know the most exciting thing I did this time around?

I took a NAP.

Welcome to my very first “staycation”.

Unlike last March, things are a bit different. First of all, I was forced by my workplace to take vacation, so the powers that be could balance their books.

Secondly, as much as it KILLS me not to travel anywhere, it was my choice not to travel, so I could focus on other financial goals this year.

I can’t say that transitioning into “do-nothing” mode was a piece of cake. I still had the usual errands I had to run around and do at the beginning of the week, so nothing really changed there.

Plus, I had all these plans in my head of all the people I was going to see, all the things I was going to cram into the two and a half weeks of freedom I was given.

But it was – of all things – having lunch with work colleagues, that it suddenly sunk in. They made me realize, hey, I CAN have a glass of wine at 12 p.m. in the afternoon, without concerning myself with having to rush back to work.

It was also simultaneously weird and quite nice that, on St. Patrick’s Day, I didn’t have to watch the time. It was just a fluke that I left at a respectable enough hour to make it home.

The big payoff, I suppose, was on the weekend. Normally, I’m up at the crack of dawn, padding around the house bleary-eyed, trying to get ready for work at 9 a.m.

This weekend? I think I got to SLEEP IN.

The thing is, when I told people about my time off, everyone asked, “What are you going to do?” and “Why don’t you go somewhere?”

And – while I do miss doing something “exotic”, it’s kind of nice to just flop out in front of the TV and do NOTHING. Or, IF I do something, I can do it at my own pace.

So I’m on week number 2. I’m feeling kind of droopy, which I’m going to partially attribute to the weather.

But I’m still learning not to occupy myself with something every single moment of every single day.

I’m trying to learn how to chill … because when this is over, I won’t have the chance to do it again for a while.

In Like A Lamb?

So February is done. The Olympics are over.

Now what?

It’s only the second day of March, and I already feel like I need a nap.

I’m still recovering from the last month …

Trying to find a new real estate agent, which took a bit longer than expected.

Dealing with work, which seems to be increasing its workload (and decreasing my nightly sleep) with each passing weekend.

Combined with an e-mail my boss sent out last week, detailing a new opportunity in store for me. Which would be great, except I’m kinda already doing it. (Oh, and he never actually told OR e-mailed me. A colleague of mine just happened to send me a note with her congratulations, not knowing I wasn’t ever informed.)

And I’m still trying to figure out if I can make something happen on my own terms for the summer … or if I should just be resigned to being chained to my current post?

On top of which, the bosses are under pressure from on high to get everyone to use up their remaining vacation time before month’s end. Good for me in a couple of weeks’ time. But it could prove absolutely nuts as my office becomes a virtual ghost town at different points throughout the month.

And all I really want is to get through this month a little more positive, a little more confident, and a little less frustrated – without the Ides of March giving me a sound smack upside my head.

Oh yeah – and it’s still winter.

Here’s to hopin’ for the best and not getting the worst …