Adjusting and Adapting

It’s been a reeeeeally long three and a half weeks.

But I’ve finally moved.

I know I should be excited and doing cartwheels.

But I have to admit, I feel weird. A bit uneasy. And a bit overwhelmed.

I’m trying to undo years of old suburban habits and get used to being within walking distance of EVERYTHING for the first time in my post-university adult life.

And I’m adjusting to being by myself.

Technically I’ve only been in my new place a week. But it’s been a huge adjustment … and admittedly, a little bit lonely.

I’ve seen very few people from my building, and I haven’t met any of my neighbours, so it’s been a bit isolating.

Inside my apartment, the number of boxes have diminished. But it still feels a bit empty and incomplete, despite buying a bunch of things. (My freezer’s got more stuff in it than my actual fridge.)

I’ve got no TV or Internet yet. So when I’m not sleeping, eating, cleaning or playing Angry Birds on my phone, I’m out (mostly going into stores and trying to figure out whether something’s overpriced). 

Yes, I lead an exciting, single life.

I know I’m starting at “the beginning”. I know things will get better.

I just wish that sense of “home” would come a bit sooner.