I’m Back!

Hello kids!

I’m back in Toronto, safe and sound and in one piece. (Except for my luggage, which I hope arrives sometime before dinner today.)

What a trip. What a blur. It was only two weeks, but it definitely felt much longer.

I’ve seen cities and small villages. The desert. The mountains. The countryside. The seaside.

I’ve had tea and tajine, couscous and olives, probably too many times to count. Oh yes, and bread. LOTS of bread.

I’ve ridden a camel – and an ATV. I’ve tried my hand at haggling. I’ve been welcomed, harrassed (a little bit) and poorly insulted. I’ve been massaged, scrubbed and cleaned, almost like a child.

And when I finally come out of my travel-induced haze, I’ll collect my thoughts and start sharing my trip with you, as best as I can remember. 

For now, while I enjoy my post-vacation glow, you can enjoy the new header.

Watch for new postings later this week.

Trading Scenery

Hey folks,

Well, today’s the big day – in a couple of hours, I’ll be heading out to the airport.

Why, you ask?

Well, I’m going through with it  – I’m going to Morocco for two weeks.

Right now, I’m more nervous than excited. I’m sure I’ll be more than excited when I get there sometime tomorrow afternoon …

And hopefully even more excited when I meet up with the tour group.

I probably won’t be doing any posting, if at all, because I’ll probably be on the move a lot. So unfortunately you guys will have to wait until April to find out what happened.

Until then – wish me luck!

Plantwatch 2009, Week 6

Hey, folks.

It’s been a long while since I last posted anything about my Flaming Katy, given to me as a present for my birthday in late January.

Since the last post, which had a photo of a sagging Katy, I was determined not to let it die – especially after finding out the thing was covered with aphids.

And I damned if I was going to let the aphids win.

I found something to battle the bugs – my mother said it was a “green” product – and finally re-potted it in an attempt to save it from root-rot (on February 14).

Of course, it kind of lost a few leaves in the process, so, um … it presently looks like this: 

miscellaneous-021But hey, now.

Before some of you plant lovers and plantcare aficianados start tsk-ing, booing and hissing, I would just like say, on my own behalf, that I have been TRYING. No, really.

I check it to make sure no aphids have returned. I water it, too.

I mean, it’s not COMPLETELY naked. It’s been growing new leaves, so that’s a good indicator it’s not going to plant heaven …

And, look – it’s standing a tad straighter these days. Is that the attitude of a plant that’s going to die? 

I may not be the greenest of thumbs … but one thing I am NOT is a plant killer.

And this plant’s a fighter.

Katy WILL win.

Best Job Update

Over the last couple of months, 34,000 people applied for probably the best job in the world.

Last week, the shortlist was released, whittling that number down to 50.

In case you’ve been sleeping underneath a rock, I wrote a post back in January about a dream job being offered by Tourism Queensland – one that would allow a lucky man or woman the chance to spend six months as a caretaker of a bunch of islands off the Greater Barrier Reef.

The job – worth about $124,000 – would entail the successful candidate to spend their time “exploring” Hamilton Island and its environs, live rent-free in a house provided, and occasionally blog about the experience.

The next step: those 50 applicants will be further reduced to the final11 candidates who will then fly out for a job interview …

Along with a wild card applicant (who will get there based on the highest number of votes for their 60-second application video).

Island Idol, much?

This article  mentioned some Canadians who made the shortlist … and, well, call me biased, but I’m hoping one of them gets it.

You can hop on over to the Best Job In The World’s Web site to check out the shortlisted applicants’ videos and – if you’re so inclined – vote for your wild card contender (voting closes in 15 days).