I LOVE This!

I’ve been procrastinating on posting lately … but I won’t procrastinate on this.

I was at work watching CNN last weekend, when they mentioned this Sesame Street video among the  videos that had gone viral in the past week.

I hadn’t heard of it till then … but I’m glad I watched it.

Forget making little black girls feel better about themselves – it makes ME (a grown woman) feel good about MYSELF.

After this epic post from last year – expressing my annoyances, insecurities and all – it’s reminded me of why I shouldn’t care what others think.

A Belated Thanks!

Imagine my surprise upon checking in on my blog earlier this week … and seeing the enormous spike in people who have visited my site!

(Two-hundred and twenty-eight! Probably more than in a given week, that’s for sure.)

In any case, just wanted to send out a belated “thanks!” and to encourage you to keep visiting – tell your friends!

And The Winner Is …

Yes, I know, I know. I should have posted this two days ago WHEN IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. But I had better things to finish writing.

Anyway … In case you missed all the coverage, this is the winner of the most coveted job in the world – six months as caretaker of Hamilton Island off the Great Barrier Reef, promoting the area on behalf of Tourism Queensland.

Sadly, they weren’t Canadian. *sigh*

But their significant other apparently is … so maybe it’s kind of a win-win?

Meh. Either way I’m jealous.

But in all seriousness, to the winner I say, congratulations! You truly do have the best job in the world. And I’ll be happily reading your posts when you begin blogging in July.

(Hell, if I’m going to be house-bound and unable to travel, it’d be nice to live vicariously thorugh someone who’s living the dream!)

And for the rest of you, you can visit the Web site to see the winner pasted atop the front page, and see the application video that caught Tourism Queensland’s attention, if you haven’t already.

Happy Friday!

On The TTC …

Seeing as I just finished a late-night subway commute home after a Friday night dinner and a movie, I thought it fitting to post the following video.

I saw it for the first time yesterday. But no doubt that – if you’re from Toronto – you may have already seen this on local TV newscasts and the like.

All I have to say is that I relate to it completely and that it’s awesome.

So for all you fellow commuters – and bloggers like The Daily Commuter, who have linked here from time to time (I see you!) – this one’s for you:

Mad props, Randal and Syrus. It’s viral-worthy. For real.

The Dap = True Love

Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

Sure, Barack Obama clinching the Democratic presidential nomination last week caused the hairs on my neck to stand up on end, in a good way.

But seeing the above picture on the big night in question made me positively giddy, and reinforces why I think the Obamas are awesome.

This shows they’re a team … they support each other … and, well, they’re cool.

You know how everyone has dealbreakers when it comes to what they look for in potential mates?

For me, the dap is a potential dealmaker.

Seriously. If you can dap or high-five me in everyday interaction and not feel ashamed, consider yourself on my list.

It just might be on like Donkey Kong.

(Just do me a favour: please don’t call it a fist bump, or a knuckle bump, or whatever. That’s what unhip people in my industry call it. If you do it by accident the first time, I’ll let it slide. But do it again, and we’re strangers.)

Loquacious High Five, Houda Nonoo!

Here’s something that caught my eye …

Last week, the king of Bahrain made a relatively progressive move.

The lady you see to the left – Houda Nonoo – was appointed to be the tiny Arab kingdom’s next ambassador to the United States.

No big deal, right? Except that this businesswoman is now:

(a) the first woman appointed to the job, and
(b) possibly the first Jewish ambassador in the entire Arab world.

Nonoo – when she’s not doing business, dividing her time between London and Bahrain – is also the first Jewish woman to head the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society (not affiliated with Human Rights Watch).

Now, Bahrain  – a pro-Western nation sitting in the waters between Qatar and Saudi Arabia – is not without its issues. It presently doesn’t have diplomatic relations with Israel.

But in a nation of half a million people -where Jewish citizens presently number only 50 – this news ain’t too shabby. It’s definitely a start.

Big deal, for real. And it’s about time.


You can read all about it right here for yourself.



Yes, He Can

Just taking some time out from my awesome week and so far fantastic weekend to post something completely random …

One of my favourite shows – when I’m sitting at home long enough to watch a show – is So You Think You Can Dance? No, not Dancing With The Stars. The other dance show. With real people trying to make it in the dance business. (Don’t judge me.)

The new season just started, with Episode 1 showing the first round of auditions for would-be competitors.

The dancer below – this popper/contortionist dude named Robert Muraine – is, as the kids say, sick. Like, ridiculously sick. He’s about five steps away from ridonkulous, in the best way possible.

If I could encapsculate the good mood I’ve been in all week, maybe (just maybe) it would approximate what I felt by watching this guy.

Have a gander at the man they call Mr. Fantastic.

I hope you watched the entire thing. I have now watched this three times, including when I found it this evening on YouTube. And this just. Keeps. Getting. BETTER.

If you were a bad mood and are still in one by the time you finished watching this clip, you have a cold heart and no soul.

To quote judge Mia Michaels:


Indeed. Honourary Loquacious High Five, my man.


Loquacious High Five, Buster Martin!

buster1.jpgHe smokes like a chimney … drinks like a fish …

And is training to run in the London Marathon.

Oh, and he’s 101 years old.

Say hello to my new boyfriend, Buster Martin.

Yes, you people across the pond (and some on this side, too) probably know all about him. But I was introduced to him only today, through the wonderful medium that is television. And I now wonder where he has been all my life.

At a time in my life when I grunt as I rise from a sitting position on the floor, Buster is running, doing his stretches and working out at his local gym.

When I’m groaning about getting out of bed, he’s already gotten up after a few hours’ sleep and is hard at work, washing the company vans. (Did I forget to mention he’s Britain’s oldest employee?)

I believe he already holds records for the oldest runner to complete a 5k, 10k and half- marathon (feel free to check and correct me).

Other fabulous facts about Buster:

Do you need more proof of his incredible awesomeness? Um, okay:

Buster. Martin. Recycles. Le siiiiigh.

Buster, no mas! You have stolen my heart and ruined me for other men. I now feel the need to make a T-shirt to declare my feelings for you.

In the meantime, the rest of you people that know nothing about this man can read more about him here.

*triple smaaaaack*

Loquacious High Five, Doraemon!

doraemon2.jpgSo the following is getting my High Five of the week, partially because it’s kind of cool, but mostly because it’s just more evidence the Japanese are crazy …

And every once in a while, I think even crazy should get its due.

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs – in an effort to educate the world about Japanese culture, lifestyle, customs, and anime cartoons – created a special “anime ambassador” post.

And whom did they appoint?

Well, it wasn’t really “whom”, technically …

But Doraemon – a robotic cat which has been a cultural icon since “his” creation almost 40 years ago – has been tapped for the job, to spread the word about anime and, by extension, understanding Japanese culture, as well as access to all the red-bean pancakes he can eat.

Honestly, how many cartoons have YOU heard of, getting plumb government posts like that?


Y’know, maybe I’m taking the wrong approach with my career. Perhaps what I should be doing is getting someone to make an anime cartoon about me, so that I can become a cultural staple, and then eventually score a prestigious job.

But really, I can’t top this. Can anyone?

Well played, Doraemon.


Loquacious High Five, Mark Malkoff!

I’m not going to lie, but sometimes I’ve wondered what it would be like to have a bedroom or living room furnished right out of the pages of the IKEA catalogue (page 171 or page 103, respectively).

 Well, this morning I read about this one guy from New York who is living the dream – for ikea-set.jpgfree!

His name’s Mark Malkoff, and he’s a comedian and filmmaker who unfortunately is having his tiny apartment fumigated for cockroaches.

He ruled out staying with friends – who have equally tiny apartments – or staying in a hotel (which would cost an arm and a leg).

So he thought up a creative third option: three weeks ago, he called up the IKEA in suburban New Jersey and asked if he could crash at their store for the week (since, well, most of the stuff in his apartment is IKEA, anyway).

And they – being fans of some previous work he did – said yes.

All reservations about free corporate advertising aside: How awesome IS that?

So yesterday morning, he moved into IKEA with two suitcases of personal belongings into one of the bedroom sets, where he’ll stay until Saturday at midnight.

And he’s got lots of activities planned, which is being documented by a film crew and uploaded onto his Web site in episodes.

So, despite what his wife – embarrassed and staying with relatives in upstate New York -thinks about all this, I’m giving Mark Malkoff my first Loquacious High Five of the week, nay, of the year

‘Cause anyone who not only can move into a furniture store for a week, but can score a gift basket when he shows up, is my hero.


And if you want to see how Mark lives the good life at Ikea this week, you can check it here.