Stop … Tally Time!

Hey, it’s me again.

Unfortunately my grand plans for barfing up multiple posts this month has been waylaid a bit by Christmas gift shopping and good cheer.

But with exactly a week to go before Christmas, maybe I’m not doing too badly after all!

Heeere we go:

0: Number of times I’ve seen snow since my last tally

0: Number of decorations hung/bought for Christmas

29: Number of Christmas cards mailed

6: Number of gifts bought

3: Number of gifts left to buy

1: Number of gifts already delivered

0: Number of remaining gifts wrapped

1: Number of remaining gifts wrapped by someone else

0: Number of mall hours spent buying gifts (WINNING!)

6: Number of holiday parties I have attended/dropped in on

0: Number of ugly Christmas sweaters worn

0: Number of food-related comas suffered

1: Number of times I have rescued friends who drank themselves sick

TOO MANY: Number of cookies and other treats eaten

1: Number of ugly ornaments left to buy

If I have time, I will try do better with the posting in the next little while.

2012’s Colour of the Year

While everyone else is trying to cope with shopping, holiday preps, and other pressures that come up at the end of every year …

Everyone’s favourite colour institute is boldly looking forward – emphasis on the world “boldly”.

Today, Pantone has announced its top colour for 2012.

People Who Could Care Less, meet Tangerine Tango.

Yup. Really.

Apparently THIS is the hue that will colour our new year.

I’ll spare you the details here, since you could easily read this article for more on why the Pantone folks are all seeing red(dish-orange).

But if I’ve said it once (and I’ve actually said it twice), I’ll say it again:

Periwinkle deserves a chance. It’s calm. It’s charming. And it’s been long overlooked. Just sayin’.

*Picture courtesy AP, via The Toronto Star.

Oh, Crap. It’s December.

Yes, I’m alive.

And extremely apologetic for taking so long to post ANYTHING.

Truth is, settling in has taken longer than expected. So has getting my behind to the computer store to buy a new laptop (which I just purchased on Monday). So please forgive me.

But I’m (periodically) back in time for the last month – and busiest holiday season – of the year.

Now on top of normal everyday adult shizz, I have to now balance Christmas duties – presents, parties, good cheer, etc. 

I know – first world problems. But, still.

I’ll try to be more consistent with the posting – when I’m not tired or drying out, that is.

I can’t really think of anything to pontificate on (mainly because I’m in a location other than in my apartment in front of my laptop). So for now, I’ll kick off this month with my first random holiday tally of the month.

Ahem ….

2: Number of times I’ve seen snow this week (and lamented the end of fall)

0: Number of decorations hung for Christmas

4 (possibly more): Number of mandatory gifts to buy

0: Number of gifts bought

3: Maximum number of hours I hope to spend shopping at the mall for Christmas

0: Number of Christmas cards written, stuffed and mailed

30: Number of stamps I’ll probably need for aforementioned stamps

300: (Probable) Number of address labels with my old address on them

1: Number of Christmas CDs purchased*

7: Number of holiday parties I have already been invited to**

0: Number of ugly Christmas sweaters worn

3-4: Number of drinks I told my doctor I consume on average, per week (at my recent physical)

4: Number of drinks I’ve already consumed this week

0: Number of those drinks being of a holiday nature (ie. egg nog)

0.5 : Number of Christmas specials watched**

TOO MANY: Number of times I’ve heard Christmas music in stores of any kind since mid-November

That’s all, y’all. I’ll post again soon.

* Hey! It was a Putamayo World Music CD … AND I got it for $1. This is probably the ONLY time this year I’m voluntarily buying Christmas music.

**I might be crashing a party (with a friend of the host’s blessing), which would bring the unofficial number to 8.

 ***Picture courtesy of Good Enough Mother