I LOVE This!

I’ve been procrastinating on posting lately … but I won’t procrastinate on this.

I was at work watching CNN last weekend, when they mentioned this Sesame Street video among the  videos that had gone viral in the past week.

I hadn’t heard of it till then … but I’m glad I watched it.

Forget making little black girls feel better about themselves – it makes ME (a grown woman) feel good about MYSELF.

After this epic post from last year – expressing my annoyances, insecurities and all – it’s reminded me of why I shouldn’t care what others think.

Hump Day Video, Savin’ Marvellously Edition

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday again already!

More importantly, it’s time for me to (temporarily) revive one of my more favourite types of posting …

The Hump Day Video.

Yes, you’d rather read something witty or ranty.

But I’ve got nothin’.

So I’m posting this, (a) just because and (b) all this discipline in saving has been getting me a little down lately, and this is what’s been helping me stay in better spirits.

Plus, it was about a year ago that I heard about this guy named Shad … who is ALL kinds of awesome.

And by the way? You’re welcome.

Happy Canada Day!

canadian_flagHey kids!

I’m still alive …

I just haven’t had the get-up-and-go (or the spectacular ideas) to post lately. But I’ll be back soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to exercise my patriotic duty and enjoy the day off. And hopefully, you are too!

Happy Canada Day!

For all my non-Canadian peeps, I’ve left a little something below that’s been making the rounds this week. Enjoy the patriotic cheesiness!

(I did – I accidentally watched it twice.)

Last BHM Hump Day Video

I know I’ve been absent from here lately … apologies for that. It’s just been busy, between work and starting to prep for my trip in two and a half weeks. But I’m still alive and kicking.

I’m also working away on one book I promised myself I’d read for Black History Month. I’m still a little way away from the end, so I suspect I’m going to end up being a library book refugee until early March.

In the meantime – and to round out the month – here’s a video from rapper/musician K’naan, whose new album, Troubadour, was just released yesterday. And – might I add – he’s damn good.

This song isn’t on his album, but I thought it fitting, given the times we’re in.

Hump Day Video, Hell Yes! Edition

It’s Wednesday. Again. Already!

(Really, where does the time go?)

Here’s my Hump Day video for this week … from a singer who’s never not in rotation on my iPod.

Note: this is not an old band – it’s just the treatment they gave the video. And if you actually think she’s good in this, you should see her in concert. Take my word for it. She puts me to absolute shame (and I can barely touch my toes some days).

For those of you who think this is this is lazy blogging – I really don’t care. You will watch and you WILL like  🙂 . 

Hump Day Video, “Day One” Edition

Due to my line of work, I didn’t get the chance to sit down and truly witness the history made with yesterday’s American presidential inauguration.

But of what I did see, I was made aware. And it made me conscious that something like that CAN happen – and did (a lot earlier in my lifetime than I actually expected).

Perhaps it really won’t start sinking in until today. Or tomorrow. Or even next week.

I sincerely hope this is the dawn of a new age – a time when people can actually put some faith in world leaders, instead of being forever wary of them …

And those leaders won’t let them down so horribly.

And one thing I’ve heard in the last few days that rings true: change will only happen if we all work together.

I think the late Robert Palmer said it best:

Strangely enough, this still fits, even after all these years.

Time to get to work, folks.