2010: Carpe Diem … Or Go With the Flow?

So 2010 is finally here. And it’s staring me intently in my face.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about this day … what I’d like to see happen this year.

For a little extra inspiration, I took a glance back at my posts from last year (this and this). And in all honesty, I don’t think I failed. In a number of ways, I asked and I received.

I DID go somewhere other than Europe – and loved it.

I DID get a new job, albeit, not in the way I expected.

I’ve been crocheting like a madwoman (if the previous post wasn’t proof enough). I joined a dating Web site. I even got my elusive manicure/pedicure a few weeks ago.

But. There’s ALWAYS a but.

I’m still living at home. (The current craziness of the real estate market has a little something to do with it.)

Eating healthy? That may have lasted about three weeks.

In all, I’m not disappointed with how the year turned out. I’m just not astounded.

So. What now?

Well, I had this whole post thought out, about how this year should be one of opportunities … both making and taking advantage of them. Considering I was probably too dopey or timid to capitalize on whatever opportunities presented themselves to me, it was high time I reversed that trend.

This was going to be a “This year, I’m gonna take the bull by the horns” kind of post. I was going to totally ATTACK 2010.

But then this afternoon happened.

I was combing through the paper and came across the yearly astrological predictions for 2010. (It’s a tradition, I like reading them, so shut it.)

I can’t recall everything I read … but the very last line stuck with me:

“Go with the flow.”

In a way, my New Year’s post last year, was this four-worded philosophy.

So … what to do?

Do I approach this vast ocean of a year, cutting through the waves like a warship … or do I continue to let the currents carry me, like a tiny rowboat?

I mean, some things still remain unchanged for me in terms of goals for this year.

I’m still determined to buy my first place. But I want to be able to do so with confidence and not under pressure or panic.

I’m still determined to find a better job. Yes, I’m working, but my current lot doesn’t cut the mustard. And this CAN’T be all there is. I want better. And I want to have fun doing it.

But despite all this, I know there’s a bigger picture. There are times when you can make stuff happen, or propel it along … and times when you can’t, no matter how much you force them.

So perhaps THIS year, I should try to strike a balance between the two …

To strike like a cobra when there’s an opportunity … and go with the flow when there isn’t – or if the opportunity isn’t there just yet.

And perhaps by being a “mellow opportunist”, things will balance themselves out … which’ll hopefully translate into a 2010 with a some major ooomph.

Because while my life is pretty decent, the one thing missing is the oomph, that va-va-voom. I would really like to be able to say “WOW” on a regular basis, please and thanks.

But in the meantime, I gotta get crackin’. Seriously.