One Poopy Facial

Speaking of early-week poopiness …

Although this has probably been floating around for months, I heard about this “new” craze last week …

Apparently there’s this treatment – said to be new to North America but not to Japan -that’s catching on in New York. 

It’s called the Geisha Facial and the main ingredient is said to be nightingale droppings.

That’s right – bird poop. I kid you not.

According to a couple of the things I’ve read, they sterilize it, mix it with water and then paint it on to the skin.

The owner of the spa which offers this, um, unique treatment, says that the nightingale poop has a natural enzyme which breaks down dead skin cells and exfoliates. She goes on to say that geishas in Japan actually use it to remove their make-up.

So how much does this magical treatment cost, you ask?

At the New York spa where it’s offered: $180.

That seems almost as ridiculous as that crazy-expensive coffee made out of civet cat poop.

Ahh. The price people will pay for shit.