Who Can It Be Now?

Yesterday afternoon at work, I was in the midst of some task or another, when someone sent me a message to ask me if I could do something for them – sooner, rather than later.

I opened the note, and immediately started on that task, without answering it.

I figured I’d wait, since it would take me about 90 seconds to get it done, and then I could be one step ahead of the game when I responded. 

Then my desk phone rang.

“Hello?” I said.

An automated voice (“Emily”, or whatever Bell Canada has named “her”), cheerily piped up that I had a text-to-landline message waiting.

I’ve sent them by accident, but I’ve never gotten them before. So I pressed the suggested digit for the message.

“Go online” was the message relayed to me by the automated voice.

I got annoyed, because I thought my colleague was pressing me to respond because I hadn’t replied to her e-mail 2.5 seconds after she’d sent it. So I deleted it, stewing with annoyance, responded to her original note, and continued to deal with the task at hand, promptly forgetting about it.

And I would have thought nothing more of it – if it weren’t for this morning.

I was at work, and had just returned to my desk from buying breakfast downstairs, when I noticed the red light on my phone.

So I dialled into the mailbox.

It was the same creepy voice from yesterday, informing me I had a text-to-landline message.

The message: “Are you working?” The automated voice reading it alm0st actually made it sound like a question.

Since then, I’ve checked almost every number in my phone and nothing matches.

It’s none of the usual suspects – friends who regularly text me. But even then, they’d text my personal cell.

So right now, I honestly have no idea who it is.

Is it  a friend who’s absent-mindedly sent a text to my work number, instead of my cell?

A work colleague whose number I’ve either deleted or have yet to enter into my contacts list?

Some random from halfway around the world with a scheme and a Toronto-area number, trying to get me to call so they can scam me?

One of the dudes I met on that online dating site well over a year ago, whose numbers I’ve since thrown out?

Is this THIS guy?

Whomever it is, they know me, ’cause they know I’m working.

But, more importantly: why don’t they just call? It would probably be easier than sending three-word texts.

Seriously, though: If you’re the person sending the messages, can you make yourself known and just call, or leave a Facebook message?

I’d appreciate it. Plus, the landline-to-text messages are kind of creepy. And if I get another one, I’ll call.

And you don’t want me to call.