My Future?

Whatever he says, PLEASE let me be happy with the outcome, I thought to myself as I rode the elevator down to the ground floor.

“He” was my already-former boss, whom I was meeting with …

For my re-assignment. 

The department of the company where I work is undergoing a complete restructuring and reconfiguration over the next several months, probably more.

The upheaval started last week, when a number of dear colleagues were let go (some of whom, IMHO, unnecessarily so, since their positions still exist).

It continued this week, starting on Monday, with a big announcement about the changes coming down the pipe. (Or at least the ones they were sure they could tell us about.)

Tuesday was Day One of many days to come – when bosses sit down with their employees and tell them that, under the new scheme, their current jobs will soon be defunct, and telling them about their new jobs. Or as much as they COULD tell.

So today was my day. 

And I have to say I was a bit surprised by the outcome. For the moment I was – no, I am – somewhat pleased.

How I was picked for this job, I’ve no bloody idea. But someone wants to give me a shot at this.

I’m still trying to process the discussion and my new role.

I’m certainly going to be doing something completely different.

And I know my new boss, whom I’ve worked for briefly before.

And it’s a clean slate.

I’m sure I’ll be turning it over and over in my mind for the rest of the week.

But when things finally get underway, I have to promise myself to do three things:

Start pulling up my bootstraps and work harder.

Try to find my work inspiring. Or at least make my work work for me.

And REALLY try not to fuck it up.