“He has a BLACKBERRY.”

Picture it: Queen streetcar, this morning.

I’m sitting at the back, on my way to work. In front of me are a group of kids and their adult chaperones, en route to their excursion for the day.

A chubby Chinese kid, about 8 or 9, is sandwiched between me and this twentysomething-year-old guy typing away on his Blackberry.

So naturally, I’m privy to the following conversation:

Kid #1: Hey guys! He (referring to the guy) has a BLACKBERRY.

Kid # 2 (little black kid, responding to his buddy’s lack of tact): DUDE. He’s sitting RIGHT THERE.

(Kid # 2 slaps his hand over his face in embarrassment.)

Kid #3: What? I dunno. He’s just doing his business.