Not Much to Snort At

I wish I could say I was kidding.

While finishing up the last of my magazine on the ride down to work this morning, I came across a tiny brief about this Las Vegas company which wants to bring a new drink mix to Canada.

It’s not so much the fact it’s a drink mix … so much as it’s the fact that it’ll apparently give teens the chance to pretend they’re cocaine addicts.

Boys and girls, say hello to Blow Energy Drink Mix:

I am in no way trying to promote this thing (although just mentioning it here is probably giving this product more free advertising than it needs).

Nor am I necessarily of the opinion that kids who use this drink will start searching for the real stuff. I’ve had a candy cigarette or two when I was younger, but I never started smoking.

However, other people – especially those who are parents – may not see it that way whatsoever. And this is why I think this marketing ploy was downright stupid on the part of the company that created this product (and not “smart advertising” as the founder claims it is).

What are the chances that – at any time, while coming up with this ingenious strategy – the masterminds behind this beverage may have been high on coke themselves? Hmmm?

The company’s founder apparently has said there’s been huge interest from Canada on bringing this product over the border. At the moment, though, Blow Energy Drink Mix hasn’t been approved to sell up here.

If this is one of those promotional things some entrepreneurs do “for irony”, then I can’t wait until these jokers come out with their OxyContin sour candies … complete with a plastic toy gun and “fake” fake prescription pads.