Think Like A Sapeur

Late last week, a friend of mine posted a link on her Facebook page to this Adweek post, which was giving praise to a Guinness ad featuring the stylish Sapeurs of the Congo.

The ad itself – filmed in South Africa – is fantastic (click the link above to read the post and see the article). But what caught my eye and gave me a little something to think about was this short film that accompanies it. It’s just over five minutes, and it’s a great watch.

The first time I’d seen Sapeurs was in Solange’s video for her song, “Losing You“. I thought these guys were simply created to fit the video’s aesthetic; it was only later that I’d read a little bit about how Solange had come across them.

But man, do they EVER embody that elegance in the face of adversity, that flash and flair they don’t get to display in their daily, working lives. And that philosophy of being in charge of who they are … it speaks volumes.

Now, the Sapeurs may only consist of men. But who says that anyone can’t take a page out of their playbook of elegance? It’s certainly given me something to think about.