D’s Holiday Tally, Take One

So the holiday season’s starting to rev itself into full gear.

Some of my friends have already finished their shopping and begun their circuit of Christmas parties.

I thought this year would be the one where I’d finally be ahead of schedule.

Hmmm … not so much.

My progress as of December 1st:

$20.88: amount of money spent on stamps to mail Christmas cards

0: number of Christmas cards written and mailed

1: number of Christmas cards already received

0: number of presents bought

$10.95: amount of money spent on alcohol

1: number of parties attended

0: number of those parties being Christmas related

$12: amount of money spent on cab fare home from aforementioned parties.

Boring and ungrateful, you say?

Don’t you worry. The Cheer is comin’. Gimme a few days.