The Colour of Christmas in Toronto …

… appears to be green this year.

Not like it’s the first time we’ve ever had a snow-less Christmas or anything, but with a few days to go and the worst thing we’ve had lately being a thin layer of frost in the morning, it’s kind of … well … odd.

I mean, Ottawa’s got snow. There’s snow to the west of Ontario. Heck, I’m sure there’s even been snow in northern Ontario (you can prove me wrong if you want. I probably am).

But all this rain – which I guess, had it been cold enough, would have been snow – is a bit much to take, even if I still think anything’s better than snow.

I guess this is typically what winter in Vancouver is like? Although even their weather has been a bit extreme.

Either way, it’s weird to be hearing songs about dreaming of a white Christmas or sleigh bells in the snow when there’s no white snow to speak of.