Welcome to the Jungle

Hey kiddies,

Sorry I haven’t been writing as of late. I can explain …

My workplace started implementing the new changes it threatened said were coming our way, when they made a big announcement about it back in June.

And as I may have mentioned in previous entries, I got re-assigned. Twice.

Fast-forward three and a half months. I’ve been working at my re-assignment since last last Wednesday – a 10-day work schedule that, more than half the time, requires me to stay overtime.

The new me is crankier, often hungry and ready to face-plant on a dime.

So, as a result, the need to sleep has taken priority until my four days off, which are coming up this weekend. Hence the dearth of posts.

So forgive me if you only see new material coming in spurts. It’s nothing personal.

I’m just trying to get through the upcoming weeks and months without losing my mind. Or being killed off by swine flu. Or incapacitated by mono.

Watch this space – at least a couple entries will come down the pipe this week. Beyond that, I can’t really guarantee much … other than to give my pledge to try and write when time permits.

Thanks for understanding.