Name This Plant!

miscellaneous-002Calling all plant lovers – both novice and professional – out there in the blogosphere …

I have but one question:

What IS this?

(I apologize if the quality of the picture isn’t up to snuff – it’s the best I could do with the ol’ digital.)

I got this lovely houseplant yesterday as a birthday gift from a friend. She didn’t seem to remember the name either. But she told me:

(1) It likes sunlight – west views especially.

(2) It blooms.

(3) For the moment, I should water it as much as it needs, and maybe give it black tea weekly or so. 

The leaves aren’t fuzzy so it’s (obviously) not an African violet – but for all I know, it could be a cousin of the same family.

I keep getting the impression it’s some sort of begonia relative, but I’m probably wrong.

If someone out there could help me identify this mystery plant so I can get this little guy re-potted to make sure it doesn’t develop root-rot and die (because that would make me sad, especially now in winter), I’d gladly appreciate it.