I’d Like To …

Seeing as it’s a brand-new year, and in keeping with the theme of things I’d like to do this year …

I was thinking about things I’d like to try, whether for the first time, just to say I’ve tried it, or after a long hiatus. So just to throw some out there, here are some of my potential interests:

Crochet. I haven’t made anything in ages. A few years ago, I was on this crocheting kick. I made one friend a blanket, and my mom and another friend scarves. I even made myself a purple scarf (and matching hat … which kind of doesn’t fit properly).

This Christmas, my mom got me a crochet book with the basics and some patterns. So maybe I’ll rediscover my skill during one of these cold winter days. And maybe this time, I can make myself a hat that fits.

Cross-country OR downhill ski. The former I did last year; the latter when I was 14 years old (and had to get the ski lift operator to pull me off at the very top because I didn’t know how to ski off the ski lift chair). Maybe I’ll come back to this.

Bellydance. On New Year’s Eve, I went out with some friends to dinner at an Indian fusion restaurant. Besides the fabulous food and great entertainment – a jazz band called Autorickshaw, which you might be familiar with if you’re from the Toronto area, AND this fantastic bellydancer.

Since seeing her perform, I’ve been infatuated with the idea of taking a class to try it out. I hear it’s good for your abs (and surrounding muscles). I have one friend who does it, and one who’d like to try it out. I even know a friend who works at a studio. Although with my chronically weak back, I should probably take it easy …. Nah.

Go for a manicure/pedicure:   I have never had one in my entire life. I guess I could then knock if off my personal list of Things I Haven’t Done.  Maybe it’ll make me feel more ladylike.

Take Yoga. I need to rediscover this. I took a beginner’s class ages ago, but never got past that. And I know of at least one friend who teaches yoga, so I should try and take advantage of that.

Learn samba drumming. I know deep down this would never, ever happen this year. Or maybe in a thousand years. But I LOVE the sound of samba drums. Or even if I couldn’t drum, I’d love a samba dance lesson.

Camp. This is obviously for when it gets warmer later on. If the travelling thing works out for March, I’ll be in the city the entire summer, for the first time in about four years.

Normally I’m lucky enough to go car-camping with friends once a summer – usually somewhere that’s within an hour’s drive. I don’t mind those sites at all. But I would really love it if I had the chance to go twice, and spend one trip at one of the relatively local sites we go to, and then another at a really beautiful site, like this one … ooh, or even somewhere near this.

This is a short-ish list at the moment. But as I think of things, I’ll add them to this post. Stay tuned.