Loquacious High Five, Buster Martin!

buster1.jpgHe smokes like a chimney … drinks like a fish …

And is training to run in the London Marathon.

Oh, and he’s 101 years old.

Say hello to my new boyfriend, Buster Martin.

Yes, you people across the pond (and some on this side, too) probably know all about him. But I was introduced to him only today, through the wonderful medium that is television. And I now wonder where he has been all my life.

At a time in my life when I grunt as I rise from a sitting position on the floor, Buster is running, doing his stretches and working out at his local gym.

When I’m groaning about getting out of bed, he’s already gotten up after a few hours’ sleep and is hard at work, washing the company vans. (Did I forget to mention he’s Britain’s oldest employee?)

I believe he already holds records for the oldest runner to complete a 5k, 10k and half- marathon (feel free to check and correct me).

Other fabulous facts about Buster:

Do you need more proof of his incredible awesomeness? Um, okay:

Buster. Martin. Recycles. Le siiiiigh.

Buster, no mas! You have stolen my heart and ruined me for other men. I now feel the need to make a T-shirt to declare my feelings for you.

In the meantime, the rest of you people that know nothing about this man can read more about him here.

*triple smaaaaack*