Eight Billion Bytes

So after talking a lot of smack, resisting the flashy ads and buying the competitor’s product, only to have it completely cack out on me just over a year later …

I broke down and bought an iPod late last week.

Not just any iPod. The pretty, shiny 8 GB iPod Nano with video. And it’s a nice shade of metallic blue.

Yes, I am a hypocrite. But I am now a hypocrite with an MP3 player that works.

So – as is expected in the honeymoon phase of buying a new iPod – I am obsessed with loading music onto it. Not just the music I already own, but music that I’ve always wanted, but didn’t want to shell out between $14 and $26 for the CDs.

I got a $100 gift card from my brother for Christmas, which was the impetus for buying the Nano in the first place. No word of a lie, but the day after my birthday – which was when I bought the iPod – I started using the card … and I burned through that sucker like a match through gasoline-soaked rags. I had 44 cents’ credit remaining about two days later.

That since has evaporated. And the hunger is just growing.

I’ve loaded a few of my CDs on it. But iTunes just keeps calling my name. And calling. And saying, “Hey – that band on that late-night TV show is catchy. Vampire Weekend, hey? Hmmm. Let’s go to iTunes and see if they have it.”

And before you can say “Audiobook”, I’ve clicked on another 5 or 7 songs and charged them to my credit card.

I know I can’t keep doing this. So if anyone knows of a bunch of virus-free sites where I can download some music fo’ free, please lemme know. Because I’m starting to fail at this “gotta be frugal” thing already, and this month’s barely three days old.