Plantwatch 2009, Day 3

miscellaneous-010So, yeah …

Remember what my plant looked like below? This is what it looks like now.

Compare and contrast, boys and girls.

I don’t know whether this is because:

 (a) it’s assuming its natural position after spending three days standing up straight 

(b) It’s not getting enough water, even though I was told to let it dry out before watering it again, or

(c) it was a combination of my mother and I trying to get the bugs off of it.  I went over it with a wet cotton swab Wednesday morning; she cleaned it with a combination of  soap (I can only guess it was gentle?), water and vinegar Wednesday afternoon.

Plant hobbyists and pros will probably be horrified if they read this. But my mom has eight other plants which are thriving quite nicely, thank you very much. And the thing had bugs – most likely mites. Something had to be done.

And I’m not any closer to figuring out exactly what it is, although I was given a guess that  it could be one of two possible genera of plant.

I reeeeally hope it doesn’t die on me.

Update: After a couple of inquiries, mystery solved. This is my plant. And, as it turned out, it had aphids. Love-er-ly. At least now I now how to treat and care for it.

Name This Plant!

miscellaneous-002Calling all plant lovers – both novice and professional – out there in the blogosphere …

I have but one question:

What IS this?

(I apologize if the quality of the picture isn’t up to snuff – it’s the best I could do with the ol’ digital.)

I got this lovely houseplant yesterday as a birthday gift from a friend. She didn’t seem to remember the name either. But she told me:

(1) It likes sunlight – west views especially.

(2) It blooms.

(3) For the moment, I should water it as much as it needs, and maybe give it black tea weekly or so. 

The leaves aren’t fuzzy so it’s (obviously) not an African violet – but for all I know, it could be a cousin of the same family.

I keep getting the impression it’s some sort of begonia relative, but I’m probably wrong.

If someone out there could help me identify this mystery plant so I can get this little guy re-potted to make sure it doesn’t develop root-rot and die (because that would make me sad, especially now in winter), I’d gladly appreciate it.