And The Winner Is …

Yes, I know, I know. I should have posted this two days ago WHEN IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. But I had better things to finish writing.

Anyway … In case you missed all the coverage, this is the winner of the most coveted job in the world – six months as caretaker of Hamilton Island off the Great Barrier Reef, promoting the area on behalf of Tourism Queensland.

Sadly, they weren’t Canadian. *sigh*

But their significant other apparently is … so maybe it’s kind of a win-win?

Meh. Either way I’m jealous.

But in all seriousness, to the winner I say, congratulations! You truly do have the best job in the world. And I’ll be happily reading your posts when you begin blogging in July.

(Hell, if I’m going to be house-bound and unable to travel, it’d be nice to live vicariously thorugh someone who’s living the dream!)

And for the rest of you, you can visit the Web site to see the winner pasted atop the front page, and see the application video that caught Tourism Queensland’s attention, if you haven’t already.

Happy Friday!

Best Job Update

Over the last couple of months, 34,000 people applied for probably the best job in the world.

Last week, the shortlist was released, whittling that number down to 50.

In case you’ve been sleeping underneath a rock, I wrote a post back in January about a dream job being offered by Tourism Queensland – one that would allow a lucky man or woman the chance to spend six months as a caretaker of a bunch of islands off the Greater Barrier Reef.

The job – worth about $124,000 – would entail the successful candidate to spend their time “exploring” Hamilton Island and its environs, live rent-free in a house provided, and occasionally blog about the experience.

The next step: those 50 applicants will be further reduced to the final11 candidates who will then fly out for a job interview …

Along with a wild card applicant (who will get there based on the highest number of votes for their 60-second application video).

Island Idol, much?

This article  mentioned some Canadians who made the shortlist … and, well, call me biased, but I’m hoping one of them gets it.

You can hop on over to the Best Job In The World’s Web site to check out the shortlisted applicants’ videos and – if you’re so inclined – vote for your wild card contender (voting closes in 15 days).

The Best Job EVER?

hamiltonisland1To the left is an image of Hamilton Island, off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Now imagine for a moment, that THAT is your office – for six months.

All YOU have to do is keep an eye on the island … feed the fish … and occasionally write a blog about your experiences.

And for all your hard work, you receive a salary of 70,000 pounds ($126,232 Cdn.) and a three-bedroom villa. Rent-free.

Here’s the thing: this ain’t the premise for a new reality/game show.

It’s a real, honest-to-God job posting for Tourism Queensland. I’m not even kidding – this is the Web site.

They’ve posted the aforementioned job in 18 countries, looking for someone to work as caretaker for Hamilton Island, starting in July.

All you need to do is be at least 18 years old, be able to swim, have a year of “relevant experience”, and good communication skills. And you have to send them a video showing them why you want the job.

There’s NO catch whatsoever.

Suddenly I’m finding it VERY hard to focus at work.

The posting closes in 40 days. So if any of you apply and GET said job, pleeeeeeease invite me. I’m a reeeally good, conscientious house-guest :).

You can read more about it here.