Days Off … or Not?

glasses-calendar.jpgA couple weekends ago, my mother was telling me about this radio talk show host she sometimes listens to while she’s in the kitchen, doing whatever.

On the particular Saturday afternoon she was listening, one of the topics being discussed was the issue of time off from work. No, not vacation time. The two days off per week a lot of us in the workforce are supposed to get from our respective jobs.

I forget exactly how this transpired, but the host asked the afternoon news announcer (my friend) about this.

The announcer explained that when she’s on her days off, she doesn’t answer her phone. Because who wants to be at home on his or her day off, making plans, only to have his/her phone ring and have his/her employer on the other end, basically asking him/her to forget everything he/she’d planned to do and come in to work instead?

The host decided to challenge her on this and ask her if she wouldn’t ever, ever work if her place of employment called her in to work.

She replied that her days off are exactly that – her days off

I know where my friend is coming from. She works in an environment where more than half the time, she gets called in to work on at least one of her days off.

But let her just try to arrange to have some time off later on down the road to visit family or take care of personal affairs. It’s this whole song-and-dance. Not to mention that for her, it makes just having a life outside of work frustrating.

The host thought differently. He basically said, if your boss calls you on your day off, why shouldn’t you go in? Besides, he added, he only worked at the station for two hours a week and if it were him, he would go in.

Imagine his surprise when he opened up the phone lines to callers to respond to the subject. Apparently they gave him a bit of a lambasting.

I suppose it depends on the job or profession. There are sometimes periods in a work week where you can’t avoid working overtime or on days normally scheduled “off”.

But isn’t there a saying about happy workers being productive ones? How does that work when employees are working at all hours, and there’s no regard or thought to giving them a couple days off to re-group, regenerate and just take care of business they can’t (or aren’t allowed to) handle outside of business hours?

I now open this up for comments. Discuss.