Eating My Way Down

Last weekend, my friend Dee came up from New York to visit.

It was wonderful to see her – she looked great.

I also got to see her boyfriend, another friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in months.

But his appearance shocked me.

He must’ve lost the equivalent amount of weight, to that of a small child.

I’ve known him for years, and from what I know of him, he is a BIG foodie. Burger joints, izikayas … you name it, he’s probably eaten it. Even now, I’m sure he doesn’t NOT eat at a restaurant. Which is why his super-slim figure shocked the hell out of me.

I don’t recall how – perhaps another friend of his was complimenting him on his new shape – but I caught wind of the secret to his success: apparently having a very regimented diet during the week, only allowing himself to cheat on weekends.

For all I know, maybe that’s BS, and it’s the cigarettes keeping him skinny.

But it definitely got me thinking – particularly about my OWN eating habits.

I know over the last two years, I’ve put on even more weight than usual. It’s probably not as noticeable to my friends (or if it is, they’re kind enough not to say anything).

But it’s noticeable to me, in the way my pants fit a little too snugly (or fray and rip in a matter of months), the way my lungs feel like they’re on fire after I (occasionally) go out dancing, or the comments my mom makes when I go to visit.

I sometimes look at myself in the mirror, or in pictures. And while I’m not out-and-out unhappy, I know I can do better.

I think work has played a factor, and has made me more of an emotional eater – eating when I’m bored, frustrated, angry.

Things started getting to me after I returned from Costa Rica. I just couldn’t get back into the habit of making time to cook more lunches.

I was buying more takeout from Popeye’s, eating more of those super-sweet cookies from Starbucks, buying more Fudgie-Os from the drugstore late at night – just because I could.

So in the last few weeks – especially because of the work-related fatigue I’ve been feeling – I’ve been trying to cut down on the fried foods and eat more salads with my pasta. I still can’t do without sweets as of yet, so I’m trying to shrink the amount I do eat – or find a low-fat/calorie-friendly way of satisfying the cravings.

I still haven’t gotten a leg up on the “make my own lunch” scenario, but I’m trying to make more of my own dinners again.

I know I also need to exercise, but I want to get the food thing sorted out first.

And who knows? Perhaps I can eat my way down a little in the weight department. It would be nice to lose a little extra baggage before summer officially starts.

Hump Day Video, “Day One” Edition

Due to my line of work, I didn’t get the chance to sit down and truly witness the history made with yesterday’s American presidential inauguration.

But of what I did see, I was made aware. And it made me conscious that something like that CAN happen – and did (a lot earlier in my lifetime than I actually expected).

Perhaps it really won’t start sinking in until today. Or tomorrow. Or even next week.

I sincerely hope this is the dawn of a new age – a time when people can actually put some faith in world leaders, instead of being forever wary of them …

And those leaders won’t let them down so horribly.

And one thing I’ve heard in the last few days that rings true: change will only happen if we all work together.

I think the late Robert Palmer said it best:

Strangely enough, this still fits, even after all these years.

Time to get to work, folks.