Almost Late for Movie # 8!

1379032838476Thursday was my first attempt to juggle my work schedule with the remainder of TIFF’s schedule.

Tonight’s film was the only Canadian feature Renée and I were planning on seeing, called Sarah Prefers to Run.

But due to TIFF fatigue, I almost missed it! I was supposed to meet Renée at the theatre at 8:15 p.m.

But somehow my eyes interpreted our plan as “let’s meet in our neighbourhood at 8:15”.

So when I got her text telling me she was at the theatre, that literally sent me running to the subway. (Idiot.)

I did get there in time before the film, thank goodness. And to keep myself from falling asleep (I did feel very sleepy the night before), I opted to chew some gum to stay alert,

Sarah Prefers to Run (Sarah préfère la course in French) follows the titular character (played by Sophie Desmarais) as a young athlete who lives to race. It’s a drive that seems to consume her, and yet, as you watch her on-screen, it’s the thing where she’s in control, and looks the least like a fish out of water. The anxiety and extreme awkwardness off the track is there for all to see, and that’s what I liked about it.

The film is Chloé Robichaud‘s sixth directing credit, but it’s her first full-length feature, and it also got a berth in the Un Certain Regard section at this year’s Cannes film festival.

IMAG0408Robichaud, Desmarais and producer Fanny-Laure Malo were present after the film for questions. Robichaud shared with the audience her directorial inspirations, where (in her mind) she saw her character Sarah going beyond what we saw on the screen, and also that she’d like her next movie to be about women in politics. Go, Chloé!

Honestly, I haven’t seen that many Québec-made films in my lifetime, but Sarah Prefers to Run honestly reinforces what I hear about the quality of films that come out of French Canada, versus English Canada. (Sorry, English homies.)

Friday night, Renée and I would tackle another documentary – one that I’ve been hearing quite a lot about.

Until then …

Oh! And check out Renée‘s blog for her take on TIFF, and 21-plus things to know if you’re considering doing TIFF next year. (I threw in a few suggestions as well. Hey, you never know – I could be sitting next to you in 2014, grizzled veteran that I am, so take heed!)