A “WTF?” Art Moment

Well, speaking of the arts …

While people were milling around looking at contemporary art in Toronto Saturday night …

Prime minister Stephen Harper made a guest appearance at the National Arts Centre’s gala in Ottawa.

And this is what ensued:

I’m sure a bunch of you had already seen this. But I just finally watched it today.

And, um, yeah.

I really don’t know what to say about this. Except that my right eye has started to twitch and I think I’m ready for a lie-down.

That might be completely coincidental.

But if you remember what our esteemed prime minister said about the arts when he campaigned during last year’s election – and the reaction it elicited – you’ll know why I find this a tad “whiskey-tango-foxtrot”.

But please, discuss amongst yourselves.

D’s Artsy Finds


So, in my jumbled, neurotic state of mind this week, I completely forgot to do my good deed for the blogosphere and take a couple moments to big-up a couple of my creative friends and colleagues in the arts with some online material I think you should check out.

So please allow me at this juncture to return to my senses and redeem myself.

The first shout-out is to a work-mate of mine who, in May, set up his own museum. In his home.

Thaaaat’s riiiight.

Now open for exhibits: The Museum of Ornamental Post. Loosely fashioned after another home museum in Germany, the MoOP showcases many a creative piece of mail art in rotating exhibitions (see photo above). The global mail art community now has temporary place to call home.

The other shout-out is to a friend of mine, an arts columnist with lots to say. If you want, trip on over to her MySpace page, where she’s written her latest piece on the new documentary film Global Metal, being released this Friday.

So if you’re bored and need a little art-spiration, head on over and comment or contribute. I’m sure they’d appreciate it 🙂 .