Loquacious High Five, Doraemon!

doraemon2.jpgSo the following is getting my High Five of the week, partially because it’s kind of cool, but mostly because it’s just more evidence the Japanese are crazy …

And every once in a while, I think even crazy should get its due.

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs – in an effort to educate the world about Japanese culture, lifestyle, customs, and anime cartoons – created a special “anime ambassador” post.

And whom did they appoint?

Well, it wasn’t really “whom”, technically …

But Doraemon – a robotic cat which has been a cultural icon since “his” creation almost 40 years ago – has been tapped for the job, to spread the word about anime and, by extension, understanding Japanese culture, as well as access to all the red-bean pancakes he can eat.

Honestly, how many cartoons have YOU heard of, getting plumb government posts like that?


Y’know, maybe I’m taking the wrong approach with my career. Perhaps what I should be doing is getting someone to make an anime cartoon about me, so that I can become a cultural staple, and then eventually score a prestigious job.

But really, I can’t top this. Can anyone?

Well played, Doraemon.