Let’s Go(al) #2: Make More Things

So as I mentioned in a previous post, my friends and I started our own podcast in the fall.

(By the way, you can listen to our latest episode right here!)

It was mainly born out of a yearning to be more creative, and to have ownership over something that I helped create.

It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been fun meeting up with my friends once every couple of weeks to record our thoughts, peeves, discussions of issues, and my friend Kath’s movie reviews.

I’ve also really enjoyed the process of editing our episodes, so they sound a bit slicker. (That’s despite the number of hours it takes to edit those episodes. I’m hoping that I get faster with time.)

This year, I’d like to do even more creating of things … and sending those out into the world to share with others.

Perhaps that will consist of the writing I was supposed to do more of last year (but didn’t quite achieve).

Maybe I’ll finally, FINALLY carve out some time to learn how to play my friend’s ukelele. (I might need to try a one-on-one approach to kickstart that, rather than trying to concentrate on teaching myself on YouTube.)

Or maybe I’ll try making my own baked goods for a change, instead of just buying and eating them.

Whatever I end up doing, I hope that the end result can be to continue doing something I enjoy and appreciate when I’m not working.

And who knows? Perhaps my creative pursuits can help me out in other areas of my life.

What about you? Are there any creative hobbies/pursuits you might consider taking up in 2016? Any reasons as to what has prevented you from doing so before? Let me know in the comments!


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