Let’s Go(al) # 1: Eat Better, Start Moving, More Sleep

A few years ago, I decided to lose a little weight after seeing a photo of myself with some friends during a night out.

I don’t know where I found the discipline, but in the first month after making that decision, I dropped 10 pounds like it was nothing.

I did lose a few more pounds after that, almost getting down to my post-university weight for the first time in over a decade.

But then 2014 hit.

My father passed away in February of that year, and after that, it didn’t seem as important. I let it slide.

Fast-forward to last year. I don’t know if it was the multiple colds I had, the occasional changes in my schedule, or what. But I ended the year not stepping into a fitness studio of any sort in weeks.

I’ve gotten into the terrible habit of staying up way past my bedtime and going to bed in the dead of night … or snoring on my couch in front of the TV.

In this respect, I think I’m becoming my dad.

And my choices in food? Well, it’s been a constant tug-of-war between finding the time to bring in home-cooked meals, and heading out to the nearest fast-food restaurant. I’ve been in denial over no longer being 25, and I’ve been treating my body like a trash compactor on legs.

Honestly, I know better. I need to start being a bit more respectful of my earthly vessel, first and foremost, for my general health. But secondly, because I have fibroids … and having a little extra weight helps them, not me. (Losing weight doesn’t necessarily shrink the fibroids, and it doesn’t eliminate them, but it surely can’t hurt.)

So taking baby steps, I’d like to:

Stop eating so much garbage. I need to re-adopt the habit of cooking more meals, making better choices when I eat out, reducing the number of sweets I eat (hard when I have a birthday approaching!), and figuring out food portions that work for me, so that I eat until I’m no longer hungry instead of when I’m full/stuffed and uncomfortable. Also, I’m a chronic snacker, and will eat if I’m bored/stressed/frustrated. I need to fix that.

Get moving. On a couple of occasions, I’ve heard myself say to people, “I’m too big (old) to be going to clubs.” Maybe the going-to-the-club part of that is true? But not the part where I’d be dancing. I used to go dancing ALL THE TIME. I’m not sure if I’m able to count the number of times I went dancing last year on one hand. In addition to resuming exercise, I’d like to go out dancing once a month or so, or engage in something that’ll get me moving in other ways.

When not moving, get better rest. I need to start getting actual responsible-adult-sleep. Not this I-refuse-to-go-to-sleep-because-I-think-something-magical-is-happening-on-social-media-and-late-night-TV sleep. But I can’t scale back cold turkey. I’m going to do it in stages. If I can get myself in bed by midnight/12:30 a.m. within the next few months, then I’ll be on to something.

Do any of you have any similar goals? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Go(al) # 1: Eat Better, Start Moving, More Sleep

  1. Amen sister! Dancing oh I remember dancing. I am too old for it. Mostly because I could have birthed 15% the fried idiots on the dance floor. That’s also part of it, I’m too old for the vomitous, screaming, drama that inevitably occurs in the clubs. I’ve been going to the gym consistently for about a year, so I’d like to join you in your plan to put less garbage into our lovely bodies. Count me in kid!

  2. dicampbell says:

    Hey, lady! Thanks! I hear you about being too old for the clubs. Someone recently told me about this dance event that apparently happens every Monday evening for an hour (it’s called No Lights No Lycra). I haven’t gone to one yet, but I hope to very soon. It might be a good option … otherwise it might have to be dance events at smaller bars, for me.

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