2016: Let’s Go.

Hello. It’s me …

Calm down. I’m not going to type out entire Adele lyrics. (I love Adele. But still.)

But I do want to apologize for the very, very long silence.

First and foremost, I haven’t had any more breakthroughs with my family research – online or otherwise – so there’s been nothing to really write about. It seems I’ve hit a brick wall – or brick walls, plural. My dream of surprising my mom with a self-published book about her aunt’s life, is a dream deferred (if it’s fulfilled, ever).

My personal life – while relatively pleasant – has also been pretty mundane since the summer, so no inspiration for writing there.

Secondly: I’ve been working with two of my friends on a podcast!

I first made the suggestion to one of my friends back in the late spring of 2014, after an evening of drinking. She thought it was a great idea, and our other friend seemed mildly amused by the notion. But after a week or so of trying to encourage things to move forward, nothing.

Fast-forward to last summer, when out of the blue, my friend (newly – and, unfortunately – laid off from a job) said, “So, how about that podcast?”

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

We finally launched our conversational podcast, Sip & Bitch, in late October. We’ve got six episodes so far, which you can stream via Soundcloud or download from iTunes.

What do we talk about? Pop culture, movies, or whatever else tickles our fancy … while drinking.

Some topics are things we’ve thought or talked about, as women in our late 30s/early 40s. We’re still new to podcasting, so production’s basic and we’re trying to work out the various kinks. But we’re still learning and don’t mind a little feedback, so check us out! Our email address is sippers.bottlereturn@gmail.com.

(If you’ve got tender ears or an aversion to coarse language, you’ll probably want to skip it.)

As is my almost-yearly tradition with this blog, I usually start my first post of the year with a super-long screed outlining my long-term goals and wishes for the year (because I hate making resolutions I’ll break in less than a week).

But rather than bore you with 1,700 words in one shot – and in an effort to motivate myself to write more – I’m going to break things up, and share my goals over several entries.

So check back here in the coming days, and I’ll fill you in goal by goal.

I will say this, though: Things were relatively good, but in some ways, I did feel as if I spent part of 2015 stuck in second gear. I’ll be 39 (THIRTY-NINE!) in just over three weeks. It’d be nice if I could make this victory lap really count before I kiss my 30s goodbye. And, taking age out of the mix, I’m sure some of you have felt the same.

So while the dewy newness of 2016 is still on us, let’s pledge to do one thing: take that goal/resolution/however you define it – that thing or things you’ve been dragging your feet and avoiding for months, if not years – and do it. Or at least, take a crack at it. Success or failure means nothing if you haven’t even tried.

Let’s GO.


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