Checking In …


I realize I’ve been silent for quite a few weeks, so here’s a brief update:

I took several days back in June to fly down to Connecticut to visit some family members on my late dad’s side of the family. One of my male cousins and his wife were organizing this enormous 21st birthday party for their (step)daughter.

Truth be told, there really wasn’t any sightseeing on this trip – it was mainly trips to the stores for food, party supplies, and last-minute party clothing shopping. But I wasn’t too fussed about that. I decided to make myself useful in helping with party preps. And believe you me, this party needed as many hands on deck as it could get.

And — if the number of people who came to the party throughout the evening was an indication – the event turned out pretty well. (The cleanup the day after? Well … it was a dirty job, but someone had to do it.)

I also got to meet some cousins I’d never met before. I’m hoping to make another state-side visit to see of them in the fall. Fingers crossed! That would be a lovely long weekend, I think.

But surely that can’t be all? Well, I haven’t done anything fun travel-wise since then. But maybe I can rectify that next year.

If you’re wondering about my genealogical searching, I’ll explain that in the next post. Stay tuned.

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