Zbogom, Split …

(Note: The following post describes details from a previous trip, NOT a current trip.)

Friday, September 8th.

Europe, Croatia 233I meet the remaining members – Livia, Karen (briefly), Paul, Natalie, Marian, Rob and Richard) for breakfast, then we say our goodbyes.

Marian and I are the only ones not leaving right away, so we wander in and out of shops in the old town. I pick up a couple of souvenirs and – while trying to find cheap knock-off sunglasses – end up buying an expensive pair of Ray-Bans (which I will now have to guard with my life in order not to lose them).

Then – as is always the way – about 15 minutes later, we find the place with the cheapie shade stand, where I buy another pair for 10 dollars.

After wandering up and down a bit more, we decide to take a bit of a breather near the hotel. We see our soon-to-be-former trip leader Livia, and have (non-alcoholic) drinks before she, Richard and Rob take off for the airport, and Vienna.

Marian and I resume our meandering through the streets, even making a stop at the Ethnographic Museum about 20 minutes before closing. The upside? We get a bit of a discount to wander around – just enough time to take a look at the traditional costumes of the country’s various ethnic groups, and getting up on the roof for one last look over the town.

We stop for lunch, then linger in the lobby. And then, off I get to catch my bus to the airport for my next destination: Berlin.

I’m not sure what the next several days will hold. But after spending a week with a bunch of lovely strangers, it will be a bit of an adjustment being on my own.

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