Stop … Tally Time!

Hey, it’s me again.

Unfortunately my grand plans for barfing up multiple posts this month has been waylaid a bit by Christmas gift shopping and good cheer.

But with exactly a week to go before Christmas, maybe I’m not doing too badly after all!

Heeere we go:

0: Number of times I’ve seen snow since my last tally

0: Number of decorations hung/bought for Christmas

29: Number of Christmas cards mailed

6: Number of gifts bought

3: Number of gifts left to buy

1: Number of gifts already delivered

0: Number of remaining gifts wrapped

1: Number of remaining gifts wrapped by someone else

0: Number of mall hours spent buying gifts (WINNING!)

6: Number of holiday parties I have attended/dropped in on

0: Number of ugly Christmas sweaters worn

0: Number of food-related comas suffered

1: Number of times I have rescued friends who drank themselves sick

TOO MANY: Number of cookies and other treats eaten

1: Number of ugly ornaments left to buy

If I have time, I will try do better with the posting in the next little while.

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