Oh, Crap. It’s December.

Yes, I’m alive.

And extremely apologetic for taking so long to post ANYTHING.

Truth is, settling in has taken longer than expected. So has getting my behind to the computer store to buy a new laptop (which I just purchased on Monday). So please forgive me.

But I’m (periodically) back in time for the last month – and busiest holiday season – of the year.

Now on top of normal everyday adult shizz, I have to now balance Christmas duties – presents, parties, good cheer, etc. 

I know – first world problems. But, still.

I’ll try to be more consistent with the posting – when I’m not tired or drying out, that is.

I can’t really think of anything to pontificate on (mainly because I’m in a location other than in my apartment in front of my laptop). So for now, I’ll kick off this month with my first random holiday tally of the month.

Ahem ….

2: Number of times I’ve seen snow this week (and lamented the end of fall)

0: Number of decorations hung for Christmas

4 (possibly more): Number of mandatory gifts to buy

0: Number of gifts bought

3: Maximum number of hours I hope to spend shopping at the mall for Christmas

0: Number of Christmas cards written, stuffed and mailed

30: Number of stamps I’ll probably need for aforementioned stamps

300: (Probable) Number of address labels with my old address on them

1: Number of Christmas CDs purchased*

7: Number of holiday parties I have already been invited to**

0: Number of ugly Christmas sweaters worn

3-4: Number of drinks I told my doctor I consume on average, per week (at my recent physical)

4: Number of drinks I’ve already consumed this week

0: Number of those drinks being of a holiday nature (ie. egg nog)

0.5 : Number of Christmas specials watched**

TOO MANY: Number of times I’ve heard Christmas music in stores of any kind since mid-November

That’s all, y’all. I’ll post again soon.

* Hey! It was a Putamayo World Music CD … AND I got it for $1. This is probably the ONLY time this year I’m voluntarily buying Christmas music.

**I might be crashing a party (with a friend of the host’s blessing), which would bring the unofficial number to 8.

 ***Picture courtesy of Good Enough Mother

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