Out With The Old …

As I mentioned in last week’s post, one of my goals this year is to try and de-clutter.

It’s an ongoing thing with me, since I go through phases where I’m overcome by the need to toss and shred any unimportant pieces of paper that have been hung around for too long.

(Or, I stumble upon an episode an episode of Hoarders, and I immediately want to throw everything I own into the garbage.)

Generally, I’ve been good with sorting through recently acquired pieces of junk mail, opened envelopes and such.

But now I think I need to step it up a notch.

I have to start going through drawers and ditch things that haven’t seen the light of day.

Old and/or destroyed articles of clothing, or old bags, have got to go. (And if any of you have any environmentally-friendly suggestions for getting rid of not-so-gently-used shoes, articles of clothing or accessories, please speak up! I’m not planning on letting winter slow me down!)

And, once and for all, I have to finally deal with other miscellanous items I’ve acquired over the years, that I haven’t used. Because there’s no use in me keeping them if someone else can use them.

(Besides, when on EARTH is a pair of binoculars ever going to come in handy?)

I know I can’t do it in one go. My current strategy is to take on mini-purge projects.

Every week, I’m going to try and pick a group of drawers or a closet, or a corner of the house in which my stuff resides, and just pick away at it for an hour or two, and see where that gets me. If I get rid of a lot, I try another section. If not, I try again the following week.

My sincere hope is that, using baby steps, by the time the snow thaws and spring arrives, a lot of accumulative mess will have been shredded, tossed, ripped up, recycled or donated.

My motivation right now is high. I just hope it doesn’t fade.

Wish me luck.

* Illustration courtesy of IQ Matrix Blog.

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