Solve THIS Holey Problem

This isn’t really a post … so much as it is an open call for you guys to put on your thinking caps and help me brainstorm a solution for the following:

I have a bunch of over-loved pants (and a few shirts) with holes in them that are too big to bother fixing. Some pants I can no longer fit in to.

I also have a few bags (one knapsnack, one gym bag, and one “work” shoulder bag) that also have holes, or are downright ratty.

They need to go, ’cause they’re taking up space.

I was going to toss them, BUT, I’d rather not. I’d just be making yet another contribution to the world’s landfills. So that’s my absolute-last-resort option.

So, to those of you who are crafty/environmentally-aware:

Do any of you know of any people, places, organizations or companies (in Toronto, of course) that take in old holey clothes (or bags) for the purpose of:

(a) crafts involving fabrics/textiles OR

(b) repurposing the fabric to make new articles of clothing, handbags, etc.?

If you do, please comment! I’d love to hear from you.

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