Could I Win … ?

So while on Facebook a few days ago, I came across a post from my blog buddy, Phil.

He has entered a local contest being put on by a real estate developer, to name a brand-new condo going up downtown in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood.

(By the way, vote for “Spotlight!”)

The motivation wasn’t because he was hoping on scoring a free unit in the building, or even that he’s an ardent supporter of real estate developers.

He and his lovely fiancee are trying to pay for their wedding, and the grand prize for the most-voted-upon name is a cool $5000.

Now, while I’ve been doing my part to help him out (he’s in the top 50, and I really hope his friends are helping him, too!), it’s got me thinking:

(a) How do people hear about these things? Yes, we live in the age of the Internet, but still … and

(b) How does one find out about OTHER contests out there offering monetary prizes?

Now, before you start, let me call it first: yes, I’m crazy even entertaining the thought.

Entering and actually winning a contest has about the same statistical probability as winning $50 million in the lottery or striking it rich at the casino slots.

Speaking of winning $50 million … I’ve also been fighting the urge to run out and buy a lottery ticket.

I think it’s been my frustration over things lately at work and home that have been fuelling this almost unnatural desire to pick some numbers and dream of what I would do if I won all that money.

And the thing is, I almost never buy lottery tickets. Not only out of personal conviction, but because I  don’t win. Ever. I figure, I’m better off saving the $5 than spending it on something that won’t reap me any benefit.

Or am I? 

It’s such a tempting thought. Besides, I DID win that 100 dollars at the casino last summer in Windsor … so it’s not completely impossible.

Oh, God. This is probably how it starts with those people who become sweepstakes fanatics and lottery addicts.

But on the other hand … What would the harm be in entering one … or two … or five little, itsy, bitsy, contests?

While I’m having my internal struggle – which includes whether or not to shade in some numbers on that LottoMax sheet I picked up at the convenience store this evening – if you hear of any fun ones, lemme know.

After all, besides not winning anything, what’s the worst that could happen?

One thought on “Could I Win … ?

  1. Hey Diane,

    Thanks for the shout out! 😉

    By the way, you can find Spotlight here:

    (shameless self-promotion)

    I hear what you’re saying. I heard about this contest via a friend of mine who also entered (his entry is “Scene” by the way). Normally, I would avoid a contest that is based on # of votes (stuffing the ballot box) but this one is slightly different. Getting the most # of votes doesn’t help you if your name stinks. The top ten make the cut and then a panel chooses the winner. Second and third prizes are an iPad or something. There were a lot of silly names submitted at first (Casa Colbert etc) so if you got into the top ten with a decent name… It didn’t seem that far-fetched.

    Of course the contest has become a lot more popular and there are now 1500 entries or something. And you know the top X are organized and have armies voting for them. So I’m not holding my breath, but so far Spotlight is doing well, hovering between #37-41 and climbing.

    But the point, as you said, was to win some money for the wedding, not to win some cash for a new game console or big screen TV. So I thought some people might be willing to help me out. Otherwise I would NEVER approach friends to shamelessly help me win a prize. If they help me out, this is more like them giving me a wedding present. 🙂

    As for other contests, I know a girl who enters every contest she comes across and is on some sort of mailing list. She wins semi-regularly, even earning a trip to London to see U2. Not bad – IF you want to devote your free time to that sort of thing…

    Do you?

    I think you and I should stick to the lotto – and only on occasion. 😛

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