I’m Still Here.

… I just haven’t had anything fun or interesting to post as of late.

Which, admittedly, has been the theme this year.

It’s hard to be motivated to just write when:

(a) I’m not really getting any vacation to re-charge the brain and
(b) saving for real estate (yes, I’m still saving … and NO, I have NOT found a condo yet) means deferring until a later date the finer things in life – ie., travelling so I can post something for you to read.

At least some of you are going to my previous travel posts for advice and ideas :).

I am picking away at my next reading list, so there will be a new post sometime in the next week.

And I promise … if I think of something funny or witty to write …

OR, if something really, really exciting happens that I can’t keep inside and have to spill over a screen of pixels …

I will do so, post-haste.

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