Silent Night (and Day)

A few days ago, I celebrated another Christmas at home with my parents and brother (who’d come to visit).

But this one was a bit different.

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I spent my day cellphone- and Blackberry-free.

Perhaps it was the frustration I’d been experiencing at work lately.

Or maybe I’d suddenly had a bit of electronic overload.

But at 20 minutes to midnight on Christmas Eve, I shut off my portable devices and didn’t look at them for the next 34 hours.

And man, was it a glorious feeling! No rings, ringtones, alerts, beeps, bloops, or anything of the type.

In Christmases past, this cellular shutdown would usually last until sometime after dinner. But not this time.

I just sat back and hung out with the family … opened some presents, watched a little TV, did some crocheting, and filled my belly with foodie goodness.

A couple times, I thought about how strange it was I didn’t have an inkling of an urge to go upstairs and turn my phone on.


To be fair, it wasn’t completely electronic-free – I did surf the internet and check my e-mail and Facebook.

But hey – it’s a start, right? Baby steps.

And perhaps it’s a “tradition” I should revisit – and expand upon – for future holidays.

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