One Big Crapshoot

I’ve never considered myself a gambling kind of woman.

Well, there was that ONE time in Windsor this past summer, when I went to a casino in Windsor for the first time and made $70 on a slot machine … but that was an exception to the rule.

However, on recent subway rides around town, there’s this one lottery ad that’s been catching my eye.

Called “It’s A Wonderful Life” (yes, just like the movie), it boasts – along with a stylized depiction of Jimmy Stewart and Donna Bailey in a loving embrace – a winning pot of … wait for it … $75,000.

Which isn’t a lot.

But lately, it sure seems like a fortune.

And who hasn’t thought about the idea of scratching one’s way to a potential Christmas miracle?

I mean, it happened a couple of weeks ago to that couple in Manitoba, who were down to their last $10 before hitting the big one …

But still. I’m constantly talking myself out of it.

The fact is, I never regularly play lottery tickets, because I never win a red cent. Last Christmas, my brother bought me a whole gift pack of lottery scratch tickets; I didn’t even win a free card.

And yet, the other day, I found myself thinking about what I would do if I won – how I would divide up the sum – after taxes, of course.

Silly? Yes.

But it’s gotten me thinking about other things lately.

While I do believe that everyone and every thing has a purpose, that everything happens for a reason …

Sometimes I wonder …

Aren’t there some things in life that just one big cosmic roll of the dice?

Or maybe because we take that risk and make certain decisions that put things into play?

Ah, perhaps I should just shut up … and re-consider buying that lottery ticket.

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