I’mma Let You Finish

letchufinishUsually, I don’t make a habit of talking about memes that last as long as it takes to heat up a bag of microwave popcorn. 

But to complement my buddy Phil’s (completely justified) rant about how Kanye West crowned himself King of All Douchebags at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday …

And because this joke will be absolutely stale by Friday …

I could NOT let this day pass without posting the following links to these short-living blogs …

Namely this and this.

I’m doing it now, so I don’t have a delayed, outburst of my own somewhere inappropriate (like work) next week.

Plus, if you don’t at least smirk at one of these, there’s a big, black hole where your sense of humour should be.

Thank y’all for your time :).


3 thoughts on “I’mma Let You Finish

  1. dicampbell says:

    YES! HAHAHAHA! A couple of my friends posted this on The Facebook earlier this week.
    Too soon? Oh, but no, my friend. PURE. GOLD.

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