PETA’s New Billboard

And speaking of billboards …

THIS is what I’d call an offensive ad.












It also reinforces my continuing practice of eating meat and wearing leather.

No, but seriously. It’s derogatory to women, to issues of body image, and to whales, in my honest opinion.

Here’s the link to Shameless magazine’s blog, who stumbled across this.  

I now leave this open to comments.

One thought on “PETA’s New Billboard

  1. LOLOLOL!!!!!

    That’s awesome!!!!

    Ok, yes, it’s offensive and you can tsk tsk the idea to death, but come on – that’s witty. It works on two levels and, frankly, I think we could use MORE ads that promote weight loss – in a good health way. This isn’t promoting skinny runway model bodies, it promotes losing the “blubber”.

    And this isn’t an organization trying to get your dollar (in which case offensive is bad) – it’s a philosophical movement trying to “shock” you into seeing the error of eating animals (so they believe). I’m not a vegetarian by any stretch, but I have no problem with those who express the opinion that man is devastating the planet through overfishing and just generally being a greedy food chain pig.

    So, yeah, save the whales. And lose some of that excess weight if you have it. A healthy person and a healthy environment is the way to go! ;P

    But for Pete’s sake, don’t become an Olsen twin. I’d rather you ate a dolphin.

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