A Little Random Music

I meant to post these weeks ago, but I just haven’t gotten around to it …

But I came across two cool music Web sites …

The first belongs to a guy (I’m assuming it’s a guy), DJ Earworm. I actually came across his Web site in the weekend newspaper, of all places. I was skimming through the Toronto Star’s Anti-Hit List a couple of Saturdays ago, and noticed one of DJ Earworm’s mash-ups listed among that list.

He only puts them out every so often, since he’s busy doing the DJ thing. But they’re actually quite cool to listen to.

The other site I’ve been putting off for weeks and weeks, and I’m kicking myself. They’re probably out of school for the summer, but kids of the PS22 Chorus – a school choir based out of Staten Island, NY – were getting some major attention across the States – and the Web – for the better part of the last few months because of their covers of pop and rock songs, both past and present.

The blog is the work of the kids’ teacher, who started posting YouTube videos of the performances to “promote the benefits of keeping the arts an integral part of the school curriculum” (the blog’s words, not mine).

Since then, they’ve been on a slew of different shows, have been the subject of a few articles, and have been doing their fair share of performances for and with the musicians whose song they cover. So you know their work is not going unnoticed.

I personally love their rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” by Journey (which is pretty impressive, considering none of these kids were even born when this song  – and some of the other songs they cover – first hit the airwaves).

Two thumbs up, for serious. But please check this site out when you have time.

Okay, that’s all from me for now. Later …

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