Geek on a Plane

malkoffMark Malkoff is at it again.

What’s THAT? You’ve never heard of him, you say?

Well, you would have, HAD you read my post last January, when he decided to live in IKEA for a week

In any case, a year and a half later, the comedian writer/filmmaker is back for more.

He’s changed things up – and likely testing his marriage yet again – by living in an airplane for an entire month.

I only came across his latest “venture” today, but he’s been flying all over the continental United States since June 1st, and will continue doing so until his last flight on the 30th.

Oh, and did I mention that he’s afraid of flying?

I seriously wish I was making this up. But that requires time I don’t have.  

You can read and watch all his crazy aviation exploits on his Web site.

(And to think: I ALMOST posted a Hump Day video today.)

(You’re welcome.)


*Picture taken from Flightstory Aviation Blog.

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