To Tweet (Or Not To) …


Once upon a time, there was Friendster.

Then it was replaced in popularity by other social sites, like hi5 …

Then MySpace. And of course, the Facebook.

And now? Twitter.

Do I join? Or renounce?

I’d been doing a pretty good job of the latter … until a former co-worker of mine – who’d since left to work overseas – sent me an invite through my work e-mail to join.

Since then, I’ve been flip-flopping between “Bah! I refuse! This thing is a passing fad” and “I dunno … it might be fun”.

I’m in an industry where a number of my peers use it as a communication/networking tool and, I suppose, a way to keep in touch with various friends and colleagues. So in a way, it would be logical for me to use it.

But isn’t that what other already established media  – ie. Facebook, e-mail, cellphones, etc. – are for?

And, while I realize that there are other functions to Twitter as well, the one I’m most familiar with is the Facebook-esque status updates, in 140 characters or less, letting people know what you’re doing – the “tweet”. (Don’t I sound un-hip?)

I bet I’d be FASCINATED the first week or so. But I’m not sure my interest would hold. I mean, unless I’m bungee-jumping off some gorge one day and doing a road trip to a bunch of little towns the next, why would someone want to know what I’m doing? Do people actually care what I’m having for lunch, or where I happen to be going after work?

I’m already highly engrossed in Facebook, to the chagrin of some friends who live an FB-free existence. Could I handle the world of tweets, twit pics and TweetDeck as well?

(I haven’t pressed “delete” on my Twitter invite just yet.)

What do you folks think about Twitter?

Has it got a few miles to go before it hits the dust? Is it here to stay? Or is it the party guest that’s overstayed its welcome?

6 thoughts on “To Tweet (Or Not To) …

  1. stine says:

    A BIG NO to Twitter!! It’s the silliest social media trend yet!

    Don’t people have better things to do with their TIME?
    What about leaving some aspects of your life personal, and not in the public domain?
    What happened to giving 100% attention to whatever you are doing, rather than constantly firing messages on your Crackberry or sneaking “tweets” from your computer while at work?
    Do we NEED to know what someone is doing st that EXACT minute or what they’re thinking throughout the day?

  2. Twitter’s here to stay.
    It’s awesome for journalists, PR folk, marketers, anyone who likes to connect, really… it’s re-defined chasing for me on a professional level. I’m not sure it’s exactly useful on a personal level, but I suppose it depends. As a compendium of information and collator of great links, ideas, and people… Twitter’s tops.

    Great resource:
    -it filters for you! 😀

  3. My sis is in the PR biz and loves it. I hate the idea. I mean, the whole status update thing is one of my least favourite aspects to Facebook, so… I mean, those folks who update their status every two minutes? Fuck off! I tend to add them to my “want to hear less from” list (but does that exist anymore?). I may even add my sis to that list! 😛

    I know there’s more to Twitter, but I have yet to hear anything about what it has to offer that will lure me from Facebook, which I now use as my primary email and picture posting site. (while the diff between MySpace and Facebook, for example, is HUGE) That’s the big draw to Facebook – the all-in-one aspect.

    But maybe I’m misjudging Twitter. When I first heard about Facebook (creating a list of friends) I thought it was downright sad. Is there more to this as well?

  4. I used to be a Twitter fiend. I followed a bunch of celebs and thought it was so interesting that I got to hear what they thought straight from their fingers. As sad as this sounds, in a way I felt so much closer to these celebrities than I ever would in real life. It’s since died down and I have unfollowed most celebs (turns out they can be boring people too, go figure.) But I did stay because I’ve been doing P90X and tagging my tweets with #p90x helped others on the program see my updates. They helped to motivate me to keep going and I could motivate newbies who had just begun the program. It created a community I would never have found or kept up with on facebook.

    I also use it to promote my blog and baking, which as you know, I’ve recently taken to. People just don’t pay attention to facebook anymore and with trending topics, I can find others who have the same thoughts as I do. But then again I’ve always found others’ status updates so interesting….

  5. Suz says:

    That’s me – I’m the co-worker friend with a heart of gold! Tee hee, I agree with bits and bobs of what people are saying on here, D. Doesn’t replace Facebook but for someone with a cause or channel to promote (e.g. PR or marketing), or a Tech journo or stringer for print or online, it’s become very useful. Use or lifehack for some great posts on why it’s helpful. And I’ll be there!!!

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