I’m Back!

Hello kids!

I’m back in Toronto, safe and sound and in one piece. (Except for my luggage, which I hope arrives sometime before dinner today.)

What a trip. What a blur. It was only two weeks, but it definitely felt much longer.

I’ve seen cities and small villages. The desert. The mountains. The countryside. The seaside.

I’ve had tea and tajine, couscous and olives, probably too many times to count. Oh yes, and bread. LOTS of bread.

I’ve ridden a camel – and an ATV. I’ve tried my hand at haggling. I’ve been welcomed, harrassed (a little bit) and poorly insulted. I’ve been massaged, scrubbed and cleaned, almost like a child.

And when I finally come out of my travel-induced haze, I’ll collect my thoughts and start sharing my trip with you, as best as I can remember. 

For now, while I enjoy my post-vacation glow, you can enjoy the new header.

Watch for new postings later this week.

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