Plantwatch 2009, Week 6

Hey, folks.

It’s been a long while since I last posted anything about my Flaming Katy, given to me as a present for my birthday in late January.

Since the last post, which had a photo of a sagging Katy, I was determined not to let it die – especially after finding out the thing was covered with aphids.

And I damned if I was going to let the aphids win.

I found something to battle the bugs – my mother said it was a “green” product – and finally re-potted it in an attempt to save it from root-rot (on February 14).

Of course, it kind of lost a few leaves in the process, so, um … it presently looks like this: 

miscellaneous-021But hey, now.

Before some of you plant lovers and plantcare aficianados start tsk-ing, booing and hissing, I would just like say, on my own behalf, that I have been TRYING. No, really.

I check it to make sure no aphids have returned. I water it, too.

I mean, it’s not COMPLETELY naked. It’s been growing new leaves, so that’s a good indicator it’s not going to plant heaven …

And, look – it’s standing a tad straighter these days. Is that the attitude of a plant that’s going to die? 

I may not be the greenest of thumbs … but one thing I am NOT is a plant killer.

And this plant’s a fighter.

Katy WILL win.

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