Toronto The Good

Tuesday afternoon, my friend sent me an e-mail, asking if I wanted to see a play that evening.

I was on the fence. I’d been at work late the night before and was feeling kind of tired. 

I’m glad she asked me to reconsider. I ended up seeing a really good theatre production called Toronto The Good, by playwright Andrew Moodie (best known for his 1995 play Riot).

Moodie’s newest work begins at the centre of a racial profiling case. But the production extends beyond that, through the characters’ interpersonal relationships, and the characters’ personal stories. 

Emotions run high. The dialogue is great. And the themes explored can certainly hold one’s attention and give them pause – it certainly did for me.

Toronto the Good is playing now through March 1st at Factory Theatre here in Toronto. You can visit the play’s Web page , and check out  my friend’s thoughts at Play Anon. If that doesn’t help make up your mind, click on the link for the review mentioned in that post.

You can also visit the Toronto The Good blog, on which Andrew Moodie talks about the play, and invites people to discuss the issues facing our city.

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