War Child’s New Ad

Last year, War Child Canada released a controversial ad campaign – known as “Camp Okutta”, a fictional “war camp” – designed to get people to pay attention to the plight of child soldiers. 

And boy, did it ever. The campaign disturbed some folks, and enraged and upset others.

Well, they’re back, with a powerful new ad – one that could possibly top last year’s. Below is what could be hitting airwaves very shortly.

Someone close to me worked on this project, so please take a couple of minutes to watch, if you can.

(Warning: the material may be sensitive for some of you watching it.)

For more information, you can access the War Child Web site through this link.


2 thoughts on “War Child’s New Ad

  1. Tanya says:

    Holy crap. Catching up on your blog. I thought it was ok until I got to the part where the kindergarten or daycare kids were painting the targets. I draw the line there. It’s one thing to get all those adults – even the members of the knitting circle – in on the sarcasm. But those kids won’t get the concept, and I don’t think it’s necessary to teach them about “targets.” The rest is fine… haven’t followed the link yet though.

  2. dicampbell says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty iffy … I think the kids are what got me about this ad. I suppose if it offends or disturbs, it’s effective in that sense.

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